#howtoweb – Kris Hiiemaa – How to scale?

Below are some notes from Kris Hiiemma – How to scale? presentation at #howtoweb .

do your homework:
- don’t go for the whole US, take over a city at a time
- be ready for very high expenses
- before that – get your pricing right
VC money
- don’t raise to early – grow the business and have some numbers before.
- founder should be CEO (@SatishD)
- Raise seed money, Series A is not easy
- Don’t raise too much
- have focus before raising money
- keep in mind the costs (legal fees)
- try to raise from many investors, you need their connections
When you scale, it’s correct to have the right culture. The right way to build it is:
- promote your team first then hire outsiders, build the culture
- if you hire the CEO from outside, be sure you are ready for that (team, structure, product, processes, etc.)
- the top player costs 10% equety and 150 – 200k + EUR / year
two ways to fail – no customers or too many customers
have a working BO – helpdesk, service, payments, etc.
- track your costs (AWS might be too expensive)
Local? Yes
- localization is not translation + time zone
it is:
- following local rules (law)
- traditions and practices
- business processes
- markerting (very expensive)
When you go outside, you have to protect your IP – key asset:
- source code (use svn, access rights)
- make correct IP transfer agreements
- learn to say NO
- not all deals are good
- remove function per week
- be prepared for troubles
- prioritize
If you want to scale, you have to work very hard. Work or go home! It’s no game anymore, it goes very serious.
- subcontract, use part-time guys, SET QUOTAS!
- don’t hire to many people at once
- keep your team small
- start new groups with separate managers
Set clear targets
- Should you worry? I think no, add your original idea.
- use smart tools (uverbu, alexa, google, alerts and trends)
- don’t obsess over them
Are you a winner?
Winners have:
A process, organization, Focus, Ability to handle failures = transform
Don’t give up, try again!
Try to learn from failures.
- lead generation (Marketing SLA)
- SEM, SEO, AD’s, blog, PR
- lead qualification
- follow up team
- closing ratio
Don’t waste the leads!
Choose only the best guys who deliver fast!
Understand your growth!
- sales (customer acquisition) driven product development
- build your KPI’s – metrics
- Fofucs on SALES
- Iterate (fire fast)

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