#howtoweb Reshma Sohoni – European Entrepreneurs – the recipe for success

Below are some thoughts from Reshma’s presentation at www.how-to-web.net conference.
- be commercial, not just techie
- be assertive, positive, optimistic about your product
- be awesome at helping other startups as you are
- be open to going where the oppoortunities are
- be afraid to think big
- be apologetic for being from Eastern Europe
- be secretive about your idea. Talk to good people
- use smaller markets as excuse
3 things can make startups a lot better:
- passion
- customer thinking
- execute exceptionally
- build a team that loves what you do
- infect passion about your product in everyone you meet
- extremely hard, statistics are against you, passion is crucial
customer thinking:
- get to know your users and what they care about
- really listen to them and build a product with their story
- launch and iterate – fast and pragmatic
- measure, measure, measure!
- ideas are a dime a dozen
- execution is the most difficult and crucial part
- ‘processize’ the hell out of your company to scale
- talk to and listen to experienced founders

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