A new day…and the sun rises

Hello world!

That’s the first thing I have to say as a web developer. I have decided to dedicate a small part of my time from this day further to this blog as a learning experiment on the web. Like a commander of a naval ship who takes notes from his journey, this blog will follow me along my path as an entrepreneur. I will mark here a few notes from my life, from my development as a person and as an entrepreneur that works in online projects.

This blog will be kept in English, even though from time to time will contain posts in Romanian, that will relate to the local community. This is because most of the projects I want to develop from this day further will be international, especially the startups in which I plan to have a role.

If you don’t know me, but you want, I’ll try to tell you a short pitch about myself. I am a passionate young person of 24 years old (born in 1987) that loves the way the internet shapes our present. I have been working as a web developer since 2000, when I started a science fiction browser game called Universal War with Peter Vestberg, Tom Sjoberg (both from Sweden) and Morten Lie (Norway). I have created over 50 projects for others, and few for myself. I love to learn about the way people engage in online browser games, and I have analyzed hundreds of these.  I also have experience in e-commerce as a collaborator for E-commerce Developer and Squeeqly.

In few words, this is what  I’ve done, but  this does not tell who I am. If you want to know me stay here, talk to me, comment and discuss on the ideas and thoughts that I post.  Let’s have a coup of coffee together in the morning or drink a beer in the evening, when we retire from a hard working day.

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Welcome to my website!
My name is George Olah and I am an entrepreneur and web developer. My favorite web domains are web development, online gaming, gamification and social shopping. If you need any work done in these fields please contact me!
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