IRC is like wine: older it get’s, better it is!

We live an era of social networks, where we can find friends with whom we haven’t talked in ages. A lot of startups rise to make our social experience better, whether it is for shopping, games or anything else. But …old things don’t lose their power. IRC is better than ever this days.

I never thought I would do this again, but I began to use mIRC once more :) . It’s true, not for meeting strangers and engaging in social conversations with them on anything or nothing, but for a certain purpose. Trough my friends at www.bbgamezone.net (a forum for browser games creators) I have found that Freenode is a place where I can meet a lot of cool people that are doing exactly what I am and that I can help with advice or that can help me.

A light lit in my mind after I started using it again. Social networks are cool, facebook and twitter are cool, but once in a while we need a social network where we can be ourself besides a courtain of anonymity. Sometimes, anonymity can open you up to meet new people in greater dephs than a website where people can see who you are. Many times the safety that anonymity creates can help us go beyond simple chatting. I begin to understand now why the Universal War crew was the most united team I had in 10 years of creating online projects. IRC was one of the many reasons.

If you wish to chat with me, you can find me on irc.freenode.net under the nickname Renex. I love to stay on these channels:











Except #startups, all of the above are development channels.

Click on the image to see what chat is about

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