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Nuntideflori.ro is a romanian wedding portal and social network for brides and grooms. It is one of the biggest portals of its kind from Romania, as complexity.

Website: www.nuntideflori.ro

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IRC is like wine: older it get’s, better it is!

We live an era of social networks, where we can find friends with whom we haven’t talked in ages. A lot of startups rise to make our social experience better, whether it is for shopping, games or anything else. But …old things don’t lose their power. IRC is better than ever this days.

I never thought I would do this again, but I began to use mIRC once more :) . It’s true, not for meeting strangers and engaging in social conversations with them on anything or nothing, but for a certain purpose. Trough my friends at www.bbgamezone.net (a forum for browser games creators) I have found that Freenode is a place where I can meet a lot of cool people that are doing exactly what I am and that I can help with advice or that can help me.

A light lit in my mind after I started using it again. Social networks are cool, facebook and twitter are cool, but once in a while we need a social network where we can be ourself besides a courtain of anonymity. Sometimes, anonymity can open you up to meet new people in greater dephs than a website where people can see who you are. Many times the safety that anonymity creates can help us go beyond simple chatting. I begin to understand now why the Universal War crew was the most united team I had in 10 years of creating online projects. IRC was one of the many reasons.

If you wish to chat with me, you can find me on irc.freenode.net under the nickname Renex. I love to stay on these channels:











Except #startups, all of the above are development channels.

Click on the image to see what chat is about

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“If you have a dream, fight for it” – interview with @alexisbonte

In early 2009 I had the opportunity to interview some online game creators for BBGUniverse, one of my personal projects . One of the most interesting interviews was with Alexis Bonte, especially for his final message to game creators:

If you have a dream, fight for it in order to make it real. Maybe you don’t have the money, the time or the people of a big game developing studio, but the Internet is full of possibilities.
Now, social networks bring us a new world to explore. All you have to do is work and don’t give up.

While this fits perfectly for game creators, the sphere can be enlarged to all entrepreneurs. As this was one of the most important interviews I had done, I will reproduce it below because it was a part of my personal development.

Interview with Alexis Bonte

eRepublik is about changing the course of history in a huge virtual society. As a citizen in this New World of 63,500 you have the power to make a difference and fulfill your economic, political or military goals like never possible before.” This is what states on the game page. Erepublik became gold this autumn and it has over 60.000 thousands players after less than 2 years since it is online. We had the priviledge of an interview withAlexis Bonte , co-founder of Erepublik.

Q: Please introduce yourself. How did eRepublik change your life?
A: I began my professional career in the pharmaceutical industry with CPH Pharma. In Internet, I was part of the team that built lastminute.com, and I become Managing Director for the group in Italy.
After the sale of lastminute.com I became a business angel for different projects. Currently, I am the CEO of eRepublik.com, a company which I founded with George Lemnaru, and I am a board member at: SEII, CPH Pharma, Farmacia y Salud, Fitnesskit.com, Trilulilu.ro (where I am also the non-executive chairman), Tevin.ro as well as at Centrofarm.ro and GeneralCom both publicly listed at the Bucharest Stock Exchange. eRepublik changed my life in that Ihave very little time for other stuff but it is worth it.

Q: How would you describe the game?
A: eRepublik, is a mirror version of the real world where users follow their political, economic or military aspirations to change the course of history. In eRepublik citizens can live out their dreams, interact with friends and meet new ones as they navigate their new world.

Q: There are hundreds of browser games created by people from the entire world. Is eRepublik special? Why?
A: eRepublik is special because there is no artificial intelligence. Everything is based on human interaction.
eRepublik is built around the concept of a daily social experience and has an advantage over other strategy games, because it demands a very small fraction of users’ free time (about 15 minutes), while providing them a much deeper experience for that time than anything available at the moment.

Q: Who had the idea to create the game and how did the story of eRepublik begin?
A: The game was born, based on an idea from co Founder George Lemnaru, after a long conversation we had when we met in Bucharest about a year and a half ago. George’s idea was to develop and economic strategy game but we ended by adding tons of things!
I ended up buying shares in Tevin Solutions, the company George founded, and we created eRepublik Labs in order to develop the game.

Q: Creating a browser game requires a lot of involvement and there are good and bad things that happen.Could you describe a positive and then a negative experience you had in the game?

A: When you are not a big company, a big developer, is not easy to find the means to set a project in motion. You have to get money, people… But if you fight for it, there is always a way out, an option.
In the case of eRepublik, the initial investment for production of the beta version of eRepublik was €200,000. During 2008 an additional total of €550,000 was invested for the development of Version 1 by the French venture capital firm AGF Private Equity, as well as by several Business Angels with broad Internet experience.

Q: eRepublik is a game based on community. In several interviews you have declared that the community is the one that develops the game all the time. What relationship do you have with your players?
A: eRepublik has been developed by a team of 25 people in Spain and Romania. During its beta phase, we received a lot help from volunteers and received input from many active citizens who have provided their comments and ideas. For me, this feedback is essential because they, the citizens, are the ones who really know the game. For example, now that we have launched V1 (the public version), we have counted on the help of our community to find and solve bugs, add features, improve things that they didn’t like. Thus enhancing the players’ experience.

Q: What do you like the most of this relationship? Could you list some positive and some negative things from the experience with your players?
A: For example, the fact that users create the majority of the content also makes the world inside the game grow rapidly. There are thousands of companies employing real people and thousand of independent newspapers.
We have carried out meetings in Spain and in Romania with users, and it is very rewarding in terms of the feedback received from users regarding the different aspects of the game. You can exchange ideas, opinions… and it is very positive.
I can mention one thing which is not really bad but that shows the high level of implication our citizens have with the game. They are so involved that if they do not like something new they will chase you all around with messages and emails in order to prove their point!!!

Q: What means eRepublik now? (if you could tell some things from the present of the game)
A: Today, eRepublik has over 60.000 citizens all over the world. This means over 60,000 real people who enter the game at least once a day for an average of 15 minutes.

Q: Did the financial crisis affect eRepublik? Does it happen inside the world you have created?
A: The economy of eRepublik was affected during the transition to the V1. The creation of raw materials and their industries required some adaptation and created some level of confusion at the beginning, but players were up to the task and they overcame all the troubles. That and wars have reactivated eRepublik’s economy a great deal
Talking about real life, it is obvious that if people have no money, they can’t buy eRepublik gold, for example. But we have not noticed any ill effects of the crisis in eRepublik this is probably due to the fact that you don’t have to buy gold to do well and if you do it is quite a small spend.

Q: What plans do you have for the future of the game? (It would be interesting if you could provide a spotlight on the future development).
A: Now, we have finished the launch of the V1, so we have to improve things. We will continue developing new features and possibilities.

Q:You have over 60,000 players and you are still in beta. How much did you invest in the game and what advertising methods do you use? Do you have any sponsors?

A: Actually, we are not in beta, we launched the public version, or V1, of eRepublik back in October. And we don’t have any sponsor. Over 95% of the eRepublik world has been created by its citizens; its social based game play allows it to spread virally in terms of content and users, with almost no distribution and development costs. Our citizens are our best sponsors.

Q: Do you run any other project? If yes, Could you tell us a few words about them?
A: eRepublik is my only executive role I’m either an investor or board member in other projects. The main internet one would be trilulilu.ro the leading video, audio and images streaming community in Romania.

Q: Please speak to your players and possible future players. What would you like to tell them?
A: I would like to say that eRepublik is more than a multiplayer online game. eRepublik is a mirror of the real world: in the game, citizens can live out their dreams, interact with friends and meet new ones as they navigate their new world. We want to revolutionize the way strategy games are created, distributed and played by leveraging the power of communities and the Internet.
eRepublik is perfect for strategy games fans, videogame players, bloggers, members of online social networks and various online gaming communities, and also for Ex-videogame players who want something new, for people who have the money but do not have the time to play the online games currently available.

Q: Do you have any message for developers that would like to create browser games?
A: My message is: if you have a dream, fight for it in order to make it real. Maybe you don’t have the money, the time or the people of a big game developing studio, but the Internet is full of possibilities.
Now, social networks bring us a new world to explore. All you have to do is work and don’t give up.

Q: Would you like to add anything else?
A: Thanks for your interest in eRepublik

THe original article can be found on http://bbguniverse.com/2009/01/12/67/ .

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Cum a aparut ziua barbatului?

The following post is in romanian, because on 5th May we celebrate Men Day.

Campania “Ziua Bărbatului” a fost promovată pe toate mediile, de la tv la radio, presă, panotaj stradal, online, SMS, media neconvenţională, materiale promoţionale în locaţii HORECA şi în magazine, şi a beneficiat de o puternică susţinere prin mijloace specifice de PR.

Numele campaniei: Ziua Bărbatului
Numele initiatorului proiectului: InBev România, cu brandul Bergenbier
Perioada de desfasurare: martie – mai 2007

Pornind de la identitatea puternic masculină a Bergenbier, s-a stabilit obiectivul creării unei legături şi mai strânse cu consumatorii, care să marcheze pentru totdeauna teritoriul masculin şi complicitar al berii Bergenbier. Acest lucru a fost realizat printr-un concept puternic, inovator dar care a reuşit, în acelaşi timp, să păstreze ideea complicităţii între bărbaţi, care a consacrat acest brand.
Potrivit reprezentanţilor egenţiei, conceptul Zilei Bărbatului a venit în mod natural şi s-a potrivit ca o mănuşă pentru Bergenbier, iar de aici până la fapte nu a mai fost decât un pas. Campania şi-a propus să legitimeze existenţa unei zile dedicate Bărbatului, aşa cum 1 sau 8 Martie sunt zile ale femeii. Bergenbier a fost, mai întâi, mesagerul bărbaţilor, invocând într-o cheie amuzantă motivele care cer existenţa unei astfel de zile. Într-o a doua fază, s-a transformat în “vocea” care a proclamat Ziua Bărbatului pe 5 mai, iar în cea de a treia fază a devenit organizatorul celei mai mari petreceri cu ocazia acestei sărbători.

Campania de PR a avut rolul de a potenţa rezultatele promovării Zilei Bărbatului, dar şi toate acţiunile întreprinse de Bergenbier din cadrul acestei campanii. Pe de altă parte, pornind de la specificul activităţilor de relaţii publice, campania de PR a atins publicuri-ţintă pe care componenta de advertising nu le putea acoperi cu mesaje personalizate – mass media şi liderii de opinie.

Continuarea articolului pe http://www.iaa.ro/Articole/Studii-de-caz/Ziua-barbatului-sau-succesul-unei-campanii-integrate/1468.html

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A few articles that I have wrote

Tuesday I received an email from a person called David who I didn’t know or met before. He read one of my articles from E-commerce Developer and had a question. As you can see nothing unusual ’till here. But this simple fact generated a lot of joy for me. Finally, after 10 years of learning, I found out that I could help a stranger without doing anything at that moment with the power of the internet. Wow!

So I decided I’ll share some of the articles that I wrote here on the blog. Maybe someone will find them useful. If you have any questions or comments regarding the articles ask them in the comments system below.

Here comes the list:

1) Try Codeigniter for Your Next Ecommerce Build – January 05, 2010

2) Tutorial: How to create a Signup system with CodeIgniter – January 12, 2010

3) Examples of Automated Image Manipulation in PHP – January 19, 2010

4) SEO Friendly URL’s in CodeIgniter – February 02, 2010

5) Four Useful Add-ons for CodeIgniter – February 16, 2010

6) Try Benefit of Putting AJAX and CodeIgniter PHP Together – April 09, 2010

7) Using Google Charts to Create Custom Graphs March 10, 2011

Tomorrow I have a special surprise for you: An interview with Alexis Bonte!

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A new day…and the sun rises

Hello world!

That’s the first thing I have to say as a web developer. I have decided to dedicate a small part of my time from this day further to this blog as a learning experiment on the web. Like a commander of a naval ship who takes notes from his journey, this blog will follow me along my path as an entrepreneur. I will mark here a few notes from my life, from my development as a person and as an entrepreneur that works in online projects.

This blog will be kept in English, even though from time to time will contain posts in Romanian, that will relate to the local community. This is because most of the projects I want to develop from this day further will be international, especially the startups in which I plan to have a role.

If you don’t know me, but you want, I’ll try to tell you a short pitch about myself. I am a passionate young person of 24 years old (born in 1987) that loves the way the internet shapes our present. I have been working as a web developer since 2000, when I started a science fiction browser game called Universal War with Peter Vestberg, Tom Sjoberg (both from Sweden) and Morten Lie (Norway). I have created over 50 projects for others, and few for myself. I love to learn about the way people engage in online browser games, and I have analyzed hundreds of these.  I also have experience in e-commerce as a collaborator for E-commerce Developer and Squeeqly.

In few words, this is what  I’ve done, but  this does not tell who I am. If you want to know me stay here, talk to me, comment and discuss on the ideas and thoughts that I post.  Let’s have a coup of coffee together in the morning or drink a beer in the evening, when we retire from a hard working day.

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"If you get up one more time than you fall, you will make it through."

Chinese Proverb

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As an entrepreneur you set your own working hours...all 24!

Mark Randall

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Voi ati aflat de Google Art Project?

In aceasta dimineata, cand am ajuns la Bucharest Hubb si am deschis laptopul ca sa ma apuc de treaba, am aflat pe prima pagina din www.google.com o sectiune noua, cu cateva imagini. Dupa ce am dat click pe ele am aflat de un nou proiect Google: Art project. Art Project iti permite sa vizitezi online, din fata pc-ului tau, muzeele mari din lume si sa vezi detalii incredibil de minuscule despre operele de arta. Fie ca vrei sa vizitezi un muzeu si sa iti faci o idee inainte sau doresti sa faci o analiza asupra unui muzeu sau al unui tablou, Art Project poate fi aplicatia de care ai nevoie.
Nu voi spune prea multe despre proiect, ci ii voi lasa pe cei de la Google sa va convinga:

Voi ce parere aveti despre acest proiect? Cum il veti folosi?

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Kris Hiiemaa discusses about Glengarry Glen Ross movie at #howtoweb

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Welcome to my website!
My name is George Olah and I am an entrepreneur and web developer. My favorite web domains are web development, online gaming, gamification and social shopping. If you need any work done in these fields please contact me!
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